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24 December 2017
Devolution will make Wales pooerer

Jac O' The North says devolution will make Wales poorer

Do our readers agree?

Here’s how devolution makes Wales poorer, with a few of the consequences:

Fundamentally, devolution makes Wales poorer due to the way devolution is funded

A problem exacerbated by separate legislation and funding allowing England to impose burdens on Wales that would be impossible without devolution

That said, Wales being poor suits the interests of the Labour Party, which blames others for the state of Wales while exploiting the poverty for electoral gain and to build a crony empire

As there is no party or alliance of parties capable of breaking Labour’s stranglehold Wales is condemned to ever-worsening poverty

With devolution being so disastrous for Wales we are left with only two realistic alternatives: independence or being treated more fairly as part of England.

Source:  Jac O' The North - menu.

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Did you see on TV today (BBC NEWS Channel) ...... All party leaders said a few words on TV  for Christmas - with Wales being an exception.    Did someone slip up?

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