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07 December 2017
+ NHS - the end is coming ?

A reader writes:

+ A insurance scheme to replace the NHS ?

A reader firmly believes that an insurance scheme will replace the NHS.

The pressure on the NHS cannot be sustained and the reader believes that this will result in an insurance scheme.   Do other readers share this view?

Our Twitter page gives readers the opportunity to give their views and to comment on what this reader thinks is coming to the UK in the future.

+ Comment....

Pehaps the medial profession may force an insurance scheme on us - they have the power to do so.   If terms and conditions do not suit them then it could certainly happen.   Remember what happened with the Dental Professsion, many dentists went private and worked with dental plans when revised charges were introduced - and that happened under a Labour Government!

Stan makes a point by saying that heath services appear to work well, if not better, in other European countries.   Do you agree?


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