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26 November 2017
Mike Davies has a TV Channel

Mike Davies has his own channel on Youtube - he is known as Wizard 327

Television has developed to the stage where anyone can have their own TV channel, and Mike Davies (right) of Cadoxton has become a popular producer.

Under his user name of WIZARD 327 he has produced a wide variety of videos, mainly about Neath.

Modern TV sets have access to Youtube, which provides a new world of entertainment.

Many of Mike's videos has appeared on this website by using the embed facility provided by Youtube.

On a TV set that can access Youtube, simply select Youtube and Wizard 327.

On the Internet simply put the following link into your browser:


Some of Mike's latest videos appear in our menu link:


Here's a screen shot from Mike's latest video.  The photo was taken in the 1960s - can you spot Mike?   He's on the extreme right with his twin brother, Pat, behind him.

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