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25 September 2017
+ A blog to note

+ A blog that has something new every day

The secret of running a blog is to make an entry each day.  It ensures return visitors who know that something is always added.

Frank Little (left) does just that, a comment about what is happening around us - not always polictical, but often a reminder of what the middle road of politics could be like.

Frank admits that he misses STaN who offered an intermittant view of politics from a satirical angle.    As far as this website is concerned, the more views on current affairs we get, the better.

In the past we have had many contributors who have blown hot and cold, fading away as their interest cannot keep up with what is happening around them - a great pity that a talent for writing just fades away.

At least our menu gives readers a wonderful choice with NEWS OGGLE and the HUFF POST giving readers a totally new content every day (along with Frank's blog) so nobody can say our website gets stale or lacks interest.

Note.... Frank Little's blog appears on our menu.

+  .In the entry dated 28th September 2017, Proportional Representaton PR is discussed.   The first past the post system is unfair says the Electoral Reform Society.


Electoral reform

"The way we elect our MPs is bad for voters, bad for governance and bad for democracy." says the ERS

Does anyone dare disagree? 


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