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06 September 2017
The thin red line

The thin red line - has political correctness gone mad?

Editorial comment

This website proudly boasts that it allows readers to write their views on the undersatnding that other readers will repond with either an endorsement or a contra view.   The editorial team is very much aware that with this process a reader, or a group of readers, can be offended.  It is, indeed, a very thin red line and there is a good arguement for using a blue pencil.

It should be understood that we cannot please or satisfy everyone, as we all have our own views.  We can, however, delete posts that are clearly abusive to named individuals.    Also, we will consider cases where several readers complain on he same issue.

It is a very large playing field and everyone in invited to play on it.  Our aim is to make the playing field a level one.   We would far prefer for our readers to be the referees and to shout from the sidelines as loudly as possible.

This website has now received over 10,000 posts - the figure is monitored at the foot of the READERS LETTERS page.

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