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29 August 2017
Dulais Rock Inn

Why doesn't the NATIONAL TRUST aquire the Dulais Rock Inn?

It's adjacent to their Aberdulais site.


 Dulais Rock Inn - Aberdulais - Aug '16


Sadly, the historic Dulais Rock public house which dates back to the 17th century is now in decline and has been boarded up since 2008. This is about as much information as I could find on it...

I don't think this one has been done before. I was told there was no way in recently, but thought I'd go check it out as I'm local. I went up in daylight and it seemed like everyone was watching me so took a few snaps and decided to come back after dark. Managed to fight my way through the weeds and brambles, got around the back to a set of steps leading up to a second floor patio area. This way was a no go, but was a good place to have a breather, heading back down I spotted a very thin way in, luckily the diet is going well at the moment! Anyway once in, I was on edge and in darkness the whole way round, so my shots are not my best, but here's one below.

Source:  Internet website.

Take a look inside on the website below:


Ed Note..... Can we stir up some interest on this historic building?

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