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28 August 2017
Neath Heritage

Neath has 62 listed buildings - can you name any?

Perhaps many Neath residents have never thought about it, that is the number of listed buildings in Neath - there are 62.   Some may surprise you.

Compare this number with Port Talbot, which has only 16 listed buildings.

Neath has 5 hotels in the centre of the town, Port Talbot has only one.

This fact should make councillors and full time officials aware that Neath is the jewel in the NPT Borough crown - a place to be cherrished and developed, and above all, a place that can generate much money in the way of tourism - if handled the right way.

In short, there is more in Neath to attract visitors, and remember, the Great September Fair is there next month.

PS  It is a fact that Neath has more attractions than Port Talbot - just click on the link below to see for yourself:-



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