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11 August 2017
+ + The cinema that time forgot

The cinema that time forgot at Resolven

A reader is feeling pretty sore over the fact that money is being spent on the Plaza cinema Port Talbot while another in mint condition is being forgotton - The Miners Welfare Hall at Resolven.

Mike Davies writes:

"If Port Talbot can get the “Plaza cinema” up and running what about the cinema that time forgot “The miners Welfare Hall Resolven” Built in the 1900s.
The cinema was once pre-dated with a sprung floor, the auditorium has for many years played host to “The Resolven Operatic Society”
It had a 340-seat auditorium which exists to this day, but alas the last film shown was in the early 1900’s
 The local miners paid one penny a week to help build this Iconic building
It would be a shame to see it never used again as we have no cinema in the whole vale of Neath.
I can well remember going there the programme would change mid-week and they always showed the top films.
And it was the first cinema in and around the Neath area to project film in wide screen--- Cinemascope.
Have any of our councillor’s ever been inside this cinema, if not they should, they would be truly amazed, let’s get this show on the road again--- or should I say back on the big screen in The Miners Welfare Hall Resolven."

Editorial Note

The cinema at Brynamman is very successful, just click on the link below to see for yourself:


+ A reader writes:

"Aren't councillors supposed to help the community?
If I were councillor for Resolven I would look into this and find out the possibilities.
I would go over to Brynaman and find out why the cinema there is so successful.
Councillors must take more interest in their patch and must be seen do so.
Let's have some more feedback on this."


Ed Note.   Councillor for Resolven shown on right,

Image source: NPT Council website.

Posted by Charlie  on 11 August 2017

++ Resolven art by Garfield Evans

Some time ago Mike Davies filmed the paintings of local atrtist, Garfield Evans, that was on show in the lounge bar of the cinema, which still is in use:

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