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04 August 2017
+ Facial hair attraction

+ A reader writes about facial hair on men and the reason for it

A reader suggests that some men are being influenced by Muslims and also to show their manliness.   Another reason is vanity and the desire to stand out in a crowd.  Maybe the real reason is to attract the opposite sex.

Can you spot the Neath Port Talbot Councillor in the image below who has decided to grow facial hair?   The reason is not known.

To show we are not biased in anyway, we picture below other councillors with facial hair.    Are there any we missed?

To see photographs of all the other councillors and the wards they represent, copy and paste the link below into your browser:


+ Follow up - a reader has a bright idea

"Well, it's one way of getting to know your councillors, that is, putting their photo on this website. What great mug-shots!
It has made me, and possibly many other readers, aware of who our councillors are. To many, they have just been names on ballot papers, so is it possible to have more photos on this website?  
It would certainly be interesting to see our lady councillors, and this would be of particular interest to 'ordinary' women.
In my opinion it is time we got to know more more about our councillors and for them to take more interest in this website."

The editorial team like this idea and think it is time we highlighted our councillors in a positive way.   Starting next week we will publish a series on our councillors.   It will be ladies first as we publish photos of all the lady councillors to see if you can name them.


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