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14 July 2017
Sun Spot could give us problems

Sun flare could give us problems

When Mike Davies, our photographer, heard about the huge Sun flare, larger than the earth, he got out his camera and filters and took the image below:

A massive hole has been spotted on the surface of the sun and scientists believe it could have an effect here on Earth with TV reception and the internet.

At 75,000 miles wide, the dark spot on our parent star is bigger than the diameter of our Earth and - if you've got a good enough telescope you should be able to see it - but take care not to look directly, use filters like Mike did.

The hole is actually a gigantic storm that was picked up by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory believes it is capable of producing huge solar flares.

Our big question - How would we cope if a magnetic storm knocked out everything on Earth that has a transistor - a semi conductor?

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