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11 July 2017
Eddie Izzard Ambassador for Neath

Frank Little says that Eddie Izzard would fit the bill

In the Ambassador for Neath thread on our READERS' LETTERS page, Frank Little says that Eddie Izzard, pictured left, who is apparently from this area, would be a suitable Ambassador at Large for Neath.   The thought is that Neath should have a showbizz personality to promote the town.

With the foregoing in mind, we looked into Frank's suggestion and found out the following:-

"Izzard is ready to play his part. The comedian has said since 2010 that he would stand as a Labour candidate in the 2020 election. Since Theresa May pulled that election forward to this year, he now says he will stand in the first one after 2020. “I’m a Labour Party-ista.” Izzard was a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn ahead of June’s general election but when I mention the controversial Labour leader, he holds up his hand. “I’m a supporter of the Labour Party. I’ve got to say, because people say are you for this or that leader. I’m a radical moderate, I do radical things with a moderate message. But I’m a Labour Party-ista.” He’s moving into politics, he says, because he wants to make a difference. “I’m not going to go into politics in order to not go into politics. I just want to get in and do as much as I can."

Going by this, the Neath Labour Party would certainly support the idea.  Izzard says he supports Jeremy Corbyn in contrast to our own MP who favoured Owen Smith in Labour's election for a leader.

A contra view

Eddie Izzard is something like Marmite - you like him or hate him.
We searched YOUTUBE for a suitable clip to show our readers but we had to reject them because of foul language.    In our opinion, if a comedian has to resort to bad language in an attempt to be funny then he lets himself down.   We did, however, find this 'comedian' on BBC Question Time when he confronts Nigel Farage.   Judge him for yourself - as did STaN  in READERS' LETTERS:


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