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11 June 2017
Recyclng compared

A reader compares recycling with years gone by

On our READERS LETTERS page a reader recalls the time when we had milk delivered in glass bottles and it was a case of use, rinse and return.

And so it was with our 'pop' bottles witn a penny on the returns. In those days we had two fizzy drink plants in Neath, there was 'Our Boys' on the Briton Ferry Old Road and 'Collins' near the Neath General Hospital in the days when there was a maternity wing there.

There was the "Rag and Bone" man who took away 'any old iron' - old washing machines - if you had one and certainly old clothes.

So have we moved forward or are we going in reverse?   Express you views about our throw away society on our READERS LETTERS page.  But be constructive, say how we can improve things.

PS .... We must not forget that bread, pop and milk was delivered our door and also the local farmer came with fresh farm produce.  There seemed no need for food banks in those days!

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