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03 May 2017
Reader says 'Bonker' to Metro Train

'Bonkers' says reader about valley Metro Train

A reader says it is 'bonkers' to say that train service from Onilwyn and valley stations would bring business to Neath if there were stops at Lidl and Tesco at the end of the line.   

But many residents look at it another way and it is a way of providing food supermarkets for the villages along the line.    Creating Tesco and Lidl outlets in the villages would not be cost effective - but providing transport to the ones in question makes sense.

Providing transport to food stores is not a new idea as Tesco has provided local buses in the past.

The reader overlooks the fact that a valley train would be tourist attraction, especially with a stop at the Cefn Coed Colliery Museum.    In the other direction there is the site of Neath Abbey - probably considered a pile of old stones by the reader who appears to have no thought for the future.

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