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29 April 2017
Outstanding matters at South Bryncoch

What councillors have NOT done at South Bryncoch

As always, we ask readers to be the judges on local matters.

At the last election Labour provided a councillor, Rob James, who has a record that has been looked at by STaN and, to say the least, appears to have been out of the area more than he has been in it.  In short, many readers said he was a dud.   Cllr Janice Dudley (Plaid Cymru) has struggled on her own with many issues still outstanding:

  • Short cut to shops and community centre stlll outstanding - see image below. This would reduce polution with the need of less cars to travel to shops.
  • No POST COLLECTION BOX at Dwr y Felin TESCO despite the fact that they sell postage stamps and greeting cards.
  • No business found to replace Piper's Fish Bar.
  • No bus service to the residents at the 'top of the hill' (Rhiwlas and Fernlea Park etc).
  • Traffic lights at main road to Dwr y Felin require a modified sequence - plus the need for a 'box' junction.
  • Road humps to be replaced by rumble zones to reduce pollution.

The community council is supposed to provide a service to the residents - then surely they could provide a pathway on the ground that belongs to them.   Note.... Janice Dudley is also a member of the Community Council.

FOLLOW UP........ See readers letters for the concern of air pollution at the Dwr y Felin Neath College Schools.    A reader states that it is probably the most traffic polluted area in the Borough

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