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19 April 2017
Another star letter about parking

Are there any brains on the Council? - asks reader

I recently had a letter posted with my comments regarding the council painting double yellow lines along both sides of the ½ mile road to “nowhere” i.e. Millands Road, a road which for a number of years cars have parked without any evidence of any problems, my conclusion was that the council have carried out this work to force people to use the car park where they have increased the charges over the past years.

I then read the letter regarding Harle Street being one of the most congested streets in Neath, this again is quite a long street with parking both sides making it impossible for any traffic entering from either end to pass. Now apparently there are not one but three councillors living in this street which makes me think if they are either unable or not interested in sorting out the problem on their own patch, then how are we supposed to trust them to sort out the problems we have in the town, it makes one think what are these councillors good for.

I also note that planning permission has been given and the work began on building some 300 houses opposite Llantwit cemetery, who ever in their right mind passed this application, this means there will be possibly another 300 vehicles travelling through Llantwit road another badly congested road, i have to ask is there anyone with a brain on the neath council.

Posted by (see Readers Letters)  on 19 April 2017

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