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11 April 2017
Car Parking - Star Letter

Neath parking - A Reader's Letter

If ever there was a situation which proves that NPT council are intent on driving out people from the town (excuse pun) it’s the work they have carried out on Milland Road. A road now since the old Metal box factory closed is “a road to nowhere”.

This is a wide road with virtually no traffic moving along its length of close to ½ mile where for a number of years now cars have parked on one side of the road without causing any problems to my knowledge.

What do this council do?, in the past week or so they have painted double yellow lines on both sides of the road all the way down to the entrance of the old Metal box.

The only conclusion i and I’m sure others will arrive at is to force people into using the local car park thereby raising money, we are the second highest tax payers in Wales, yet this council are unable to repair the vast amount of potholes on the roads but can waste money painting yellow lines on areas such as this.

It’s about time the people of Neath woke up and got rid of a council which has systematically over the years destroyed what was a lovely market town, remember this when we all go to the polling stations in May.

And the follow-up from another reader:

Neath is running true to form then, John. 
Neath is going to hell in a handcart, and has been for some time.
What are the highly paid professionals paid for, don't they give guidance and advice for the welfare of the town, or are they the enemies within?
Dare I bring up (yet again) the possibility of a passenger rail service to Onllwyn and Cwmgwrach, I don't suppose that is even on the agenda.

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