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25 March 2017
+ Cllr Rob James

+ Is this something our readers should be aware of?    About someone who receives your money

We sometimes receive reports on our FEEDBACK page - something for the Editors attention.    An example is an item about Cllr Rob James: ".....the only person grooming Rob is Rob himself. The more astute members saw through him a long time ago and even Tegwen and Co seem to have now. He seems to cut quite a lonely figure these days and there is no evidence of him being 'sponsored' by Cardiff."

The foregoing is just a milder part of the item sent in by a Bryncoch resident and we ask the question: "Should we publish the full text?"    Our editorial team is looking at the matter in view of previous reports on this councillor.   

We have no desire to open a can of worms, but when someone is paid by the public purse it is only right that the character of the person is exposed to one and all.    Readers comments are welcome.

+ Follow up

The answer to our dilemma was provided by a reader who referred to a report in Y Cneifiwr dated 19th March.   Resulting from this we have copied it to our menu (see foot of menu).

It would appear that the Bryncoch reader quotes the content.


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