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17 March 2017
8961 Posts

8961 Posts

When a reader wanted to see an archived post on our Twitter page he complained to the Editor that he could not do so.  This was because the site's hosting service could not cope with the huge number received - 8961.

We are now pleased to say that the hosting service is dealing with this and have provided a search facility at the foot of the Twitter page as an interim measure.   This goes one mile further than any newspaper - or website if it comes to that!

The figure of nearly 9,000 shows how successful this website is as a social media medium.   It appears to be more caring than the newspapers available Wales, from which there appears to be a high degree of dissatisfaction with their readers (words of others - not ours).

The Editors of this website believe that in a modern society it is essential to hear the views of the people with a degree of privacy that gives freedom to the writer - and the opportunity to reply in the same way.

PS   We forgot to mention that the posts and replies are now counted (see the counter at the bottom of the Twitter page) - so when you look the number will have increased from that mentioned in our headline.

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