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11 March 2017
How to stop litter being dropped

'Put the litter louts in stocks in Neath square' says reader

In readers letters a reader suggests a firmer approach to those who drop litter in our community.   He suggests that maybe the old fashioned cure of a day in the stocks in Neath's square could be a solution.    Certainly a name and a shame cure would be a milder alternative.   Years ago the Neath Guardian newspaper used to name and shame those appearing in our courts for offensives now no longer mentioned in the media.  A notice board with mugs shots may do the trick.

A set of empty stocks in Neath's square with a notice: Reserved for litter louts could certainly send out warning signals to those who have no respect for our roads and open spaces.

Litter louts deserve no respect and it is time action was taken.

Wardens have mobile phones with cameras - so they can photograph those dropping litter.


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