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22 January 2017
Trains on TV

A reader writes about Michael Portillo's  train journeys on television

The former Conservative MP, Michaei Portillo, is presentng some interesting programmes on TV., which is based on Bradshaw's Railway Guide.  Bradshaw's was a series of railway timetables and travel guide books published by W.J. Adams of London. George Bradshaw initiated the series in 1839; after his death in 1853 the Bradshaw's range of titles continued until 1961.

Below we look at his visit to Llandudno and note his comments about the town and the influence of the Mostyn Family.    What a pity that Neath has no such family with a similar interest and influence in the town.  But when you think about it, shouldn't the Neath Town Council be the guardian of the town?

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