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10 November 2016
Council planning more leaves

Council plants trees to generate more leaves

But they can't deal with the existing ones!

Where is the councillor for Roman Way?

Reader writes and sends us these photographs - see below  the leaves at Roman Way.   How about health and safety?






Compare this area with Baglan's Industrial Park and you wil see the difference - that's where our cleaning teams work.  Another example of Port Talbot having priority over Neath.

Where are the Neath councillors to allow this?

It is likely that NPT Council will pay compensation to anyone having an accident due to wet leaves on the ground on the basis of their negligence, rather than pay high court costs.   Remember that no win - no fee solicitors will jump at the opportunity to take on the case.

Permission is given to residents to use the above images as photographic evidence in any claim against the council.

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