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31 October 2016
The slow demise of the Sun

A look at the news from outside the box

In his latest post, Jeffrey Davies (Jeff's Post in menu) looks at one of Rupert Murdock's newspapers, The Sun, and its apparent slow demise.

One wonders if it is heathly to have this news mogul in control of so many news outlets.    The phone hacking scandel is just one instance where the employees of Murdoch have over stepped the boundry of what is acceptable to the man in the street.

The Sun's headlines, a play with words to attract attention with so called wit, is now wearing thin and often borders on childishness.   Catering for the lowest common demoninator makes it something of a newstand rag.

The Sun's readership is getting older and wiser while its circulation gets lower and lower.

With NEWSOGGLE (in our menu) one can compare all the populsr newspapers, including foreign ones printed in English.   As the end of the day the price of a newspaper will be the deciding factor - which makes you think how the Metro costs nothing - if you find one.

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