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27 October 2016
+ Reader writes and sends in photo

Reader asks a question

Why have they built a  brand new play park at Caewern estate as it is near houses and also close to OAP bungalows, the place to have built one 
should have been in the fields of the new collage at Roman way
there is plenty of land available to do so,
This way the children would have enjoyed to play in safety and not so on 
the Caewern estate  where passing traffic is very busy at all hours
 If it was built in the College grounds perhaps then parents would have 
accompanied their children as well.

+ Editorial Note....  This is not a new playing field but an old one refurbished.  It is looked after by Blaenhonddan Community Council currently in control of Plaid Cymru who also have several other playing fields on their patch.

Read more about Community Councils:

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