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22 September 2016
Business rates in Neath should be revised

Business rates are crippling businesses in Neath - and the proof is there for all to see

Enthusiastic families who want to start their own business in Neath are deterred by high business rate charges. This may be the reason why the family run Pipers Fish Bar moved to Birchgrove where business rates are allegedly lower.   Other empty shops in Neath town centre are proof of the point being made.

The answer is to base business rates on profit.   This would allow small local family businesses to compete with national firms who can afford it.

Think about it - Neath would thrive with some factory shops producing items that are not generally available.   Art and craft shops would appear to reveal the talent we have here in Neath.  

Remember the Welsh Produce shop in Neath?   Well let's have a Neath Produce shop where home made produce can be sold.  It is a fact that 'Quality Sells' and any business based on quality and value for money is assured of success.

Let's have a Neath Initiative Scheme to make this happen - because it can be done with good planning and the backing of enthusiastic councillors.

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