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18 June 2016
Sour grapes from a councillor

Sour Grapes?

Have a guess on who wrote the following:

"Why does this Stan character – not a real name of the Neath Ferret editor/provider always have to resort to the lowest common denominator of always denigrating councillors? Most councillors I know just try to represent their communities within the rules and legalities of the government. They don't have to put up with the constant rants from this fictitious person about their legal renumeration. ****** don't allow your website to become like the website previously mentioned."

We'll let Stan follow up and give the answer.   It seems obvious, at least to the Neath Ferret, that the writer does not like pseudonyms, despite their use in the national press - an accepted part of journalism.

Why use a pseudonym ?  This is what Wikipedia says:

"A pseudonym is a name adopted by a person for a particular purpose, which differs from his or her true name. A pseudonym may be used by social activists or politicians for political purposes or by others for religious purposes. It may be a soldier's noms de guerre, an author's pen name, a performer's stage name, or an alias used by visual artists, athletes, and fashion designers. Pseudonyms are occasionally used in fiction such as by superheroes or other fictional characters."

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