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06 May 2016
Readers looks at the Welsh Assembly

Welsh Assembly - is it worth the running costs?

At least 10,000 voters in Wales have their doubts, to say the least.

One of our readers quotes the words from the column written by Jac O' The North (see menu), which we print below:-

"What we have down Cardiff docks is a branch office of the London government, run by civil servants answering to their London masters. The politicians we elect may strut and puff, but apart from being allowed ‘gimmick’ legislation every now and again, they have little real control over anything. Much of the legislation the ‘Welsh’ Government claims as its own is nothing but English legislation with ‘(Wales)’ squeezed into the name. Perhaps their only real power is being able to dish out the lolly."

When you consider that the figure quoted for the cost of running each AM is £80million per year it certainly makes you think.

Perhaps Stan O' The South (more modestly known as JUST STaN) will expand on this?

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