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25 April 2016
+ Neath Graffiti

+ Neath Graffiti - with a story

Stan's column comments on a Neath graffiti artist with talent - it's something he has just found.   You will, however, have to read his column (see Stan Direct in menu) to find out where it is.

Just like Stan, we do not agree with graffiti but now and again it shows a rare talent.  In a previous edition a reader suggested a GRAFFITI board or wall in Victoria Gardens where 'artists' could show their talent.    The wall could be refreshed (painted white) every month or two for new 'displays'.   Indeed, this could be quite a tourist attaction and a very cost effective way of attracting visitors to the gardens.

PS   This may also deter graffiti in other parts of the town, resulting in a saving with clean up costs.

+ A reader responds and thinks this is a stupid idea, perhaps preferring to see graffiti spread all over the town and not in one controlled area.   Admittantly, it need not be Victoria Gardens, but a place where it can be viewed and controlled in a reasonable manner    This is not a new idea and has been successfully done in other towns who care for their environment.

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