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10 April 2016
WOW - 21 new posts this weekend

Readership growing week by week - 21 new posts this weekend

More letters than the local newsapaper?   A wide variety of subjects with a thumbs up for public toilets in Pembrokeshire, whose residents have lower council tax bills than those in Neath.

The town clock (St.David's) is again mentioned and so is the litter issue.   The forthcoming EU leaflet costing £9million of your money is also annoying many readers with one reader saying he is going to post his copy back to No.10

Should the new shopping development in Neath be intergrated with housing?   Is this going to alter the face of Neath and make it even less attractive for tourists?    Will this put off people shopping in Neath?    You are likely to hear more about this in the coming weeks.

Remember, our readers are our reporters - send your news and views about the town you live in.   Your letters are read by those who care (or say they care) for a town with a great heritage.

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