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25 March 2016
Reader reports on litter in Neath

Fag ends everywhere - says reader

A reader has written in about the disgusting state of Neath with fag ends stuck everywhere - the bus station in particular.

There should be special attention by our cleaning services to both the bus station and the rail station because this is where visitors get their first impression of Neath.    First impressions are lasting impressions, and currently give the town a bad name.    After being on holiday one comes back to Neath and the state of the town hits you in the eye.

Pictured above are the two councillors who cover the area in question.  Surely they should chase the full time officals responsible for the area.  The buck has to stop somewhere!

The council is missing the golden opportunity to make money from litter louts - fag ends included.    Traffic wardens should also be Litter Wardens with the power to fine offenders on the spot.

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