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28 February 2016
Understanding others

Religion is at the root of many wars -

is it the lack of understanding?

Religion has been been at the root of many wars.  Is it the lack of tolerance and understanding?   This website looks at all the world's religions in an attempt to have a greater understanding.

It is wrong to force any religion on anyone, it is also wrong to ignore the subject as if it does not exisit.   At the end of the day it is a matter of being tolerant with others who uphold religious ideals - and for them to be tolerant to those who don't.

Can our churches and chapels, many not now used, be put to better use - see YMCA below.    Give your views on our Readers Letters page.

Look at what Neath YMCA is doing:

Can these activities be expanded to some of our chapels?

This is what the YMCA does in America:

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