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18 December 2015
+ Christmas Scrooge Story

Reader writes about a sad tale that happened around a Christmas past

A true story of how a Neath millionare disregarded her family  and left her money to a cats' home and three other charities.  See the details and comments on the READERS LETTERS page.

+...  How nice it is to see readers respond to this sad and touching case of someone being a recluse after losing a spouse.    Being left to grieve alone with a guilt complex is at the root of this case - and perhaps feeling bitter with relatives in the process.   It is a real life case, which if you saw it on television would make you wonder if it could possibly be true - perhaps rather like Charles Dickens and his Christmas Carol story.

On the positive side, there were no arguments between relatives of who had what- except the non-family members that allegedly had good pickings from what possessions that were  left - rather like vultures taking advantage of a dead body. 

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