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08 December 2015
We apologise

We apologise to the readers who read this website

We feel we must apologise to readers who feel sad after reading this website - we refer to READERS LETTERS.

Please don't blame the editorial team - in essence, the messenger, because readers posts make us feel sad too when we read about what is said about the state of Neath - something no-one can deny.

Residents go on holiday and then come back and realise how bad Neath is.   We will not go into details - just read the letters sent in to us.

The buck has to stop somewhere - and it is with our councillors. Our civil servants, the administrators, seem content to let the councillors take the blame. 

One reader says that the newly elevated Lord Hain must also see the demise over the 23 years he has represented Neath.  He cannot be proud of the town, including the railway station he regularly uses.

Residents are not happy or satisfied with the situation.   As for opposition to the ruling Labour party, Plaid Cymru have proved to be totally ineffective.    Elections are due next year, it will be then that councillors will emerge from the shadows to seek your vote - that will be the time to have your say face to face with them.

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