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12 October 2015
+ Cimla TESCO Express

+ Cimla Tesco Express to open shortly

From a whisper on the grapevine we understand that the new Tesco Express store, built on the site of the Cimla Hotel (left), will be opening in the first week of November.

No doubt the price of items will be a few pence more than the Tesco supermarkets.   Tesco have seen a drop in sales due to competition from Aldi and Lidel as customers become more price conscious.   Perhaps readers will report on Tesco prices when the new store opens.

A Tesco spokesman said that prices at convenience stores are usually more than large supermarkets.   Tesco is well known for their catch phrase: "every little helps"  - it seems that it applies to their profits too!

+  It has been noted that the shelves at the TESCO Water Street store are beginning to empty as the store prepares for closure at the end of the month.   It is highly lightly that the Neath Morrisons Supermarket will be highly delighted with the news as they will have less competition in the area.

An inside source informs us that ALDI is still looking for a site in Neath - the nearest store is at Taibach in Margam with another store about to open at Lansamlett very shortly.

Another inside source alleges that in the Neath Port Talbot area  Tesco appears to be favoured by the council and that ALDI will find it difficult to get established in the Borough of Neath.    We must wait and see if this allegation is correct.

TESCO have been known (unofficially) to have given help to councils in other areas and have been helpful with community projects.   Contrasting with this complimentary comment is the fact that Tesco (and other Supermarkets) have been responsible for many small traders being forced out of business.

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