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12 October 2015
Neath not dirty - it's the people

Neath not dirty - it is people making it that way

In an outspoken letter a Neath resident blames the people that visit the town for the state that it is in - we assume residents are included in his views.

We must ask is it right for people to use Neath as a rubbish bin?  The lack of cleaners, mentioned by another reader, just adds to a serious problem.   We use the word 'serious' because the state of Neath will deter shoppers and will result in a spiral of discontent.

The lack law enforcement on litter droppers is also giving the town a bad name.   In the end it boils down to management - something that is sadly lacking in Neath.

With no proper management the new multi-story car park will become a doss-house for homeless people - and maybe migrants.    Now is the time to look ahead.

PS .... We hope that the new multi-story car park will have toilet facilities, otherwise it will become an urinal - adding to Neath's dirty problems.

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