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12 September 2015
JC - the second Saviour

New Leader for Labour Party

The new Leader of the Labour Party is Jeremy Corbyn pictured above with a halo, along with the other candidates for the position - Corbyn had an amazing 59.9% share of the vote.

This man could very well be the saviour of the Labour Party with his fresh approach to politics.

A saviour of the past in Bibical times was Jesus Christ who had 12 disciples.  Jeremy Corbyn (with the same initials) will hopefully have over 200 disciples.    But will they all support him? 

No doubt some will betray him and there will be those who will be out to crucify him in a political sense.

There seems a strong similarity with the words uttered by Jesus compared with those of Jeremy.  Words that will inspire many to follow him..    It will be deeds and actions, not words, that in the end will decide that Corbyn will in effect be a second saviour.

A little faith in the new Leader is called for so that he can start on the right (or should I say left) foot.  

John Phillip

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