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12 August 2015
Flavour of the week - Jeremy Corbyn

Our readers reflect a popular view

Here's what's on the BBC website:

Helpfully Jeremy Corbyn (left)produced an economic manifesto, "The Economy in 2020".

At its heart is the precept that "Labour must create a balanced economy that ensures workers and government share fairly in the wealth creation process, that encourages and supports innovation in every sector of the economy; and that invests in skills and infrastructure to build an economy that is more sustainable and more equal".

Which is the sort of statement, absent detail on the means to get there, that most would say sounds alright.

But Corbyn is, famously, of the left. So his path to creating a more sustainable and equal society would not appeal to all. 

Even so his opposition to this government's planned cuts to corporation and inheritance tax, and his muscular hatred of tax avoidance and evasion, are not the stuff of swivel-eyed Leninism. 

There are plenty of political moderates who question why, at a time of scarce resources, it is a priority for messrs Cameron and Osborne to give tax breaks to better-off dead people.

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