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05 July 2015
+ Drummau wind turbine sun flicker danger

+ Wind Turbine sun flicker danger

Wind turbines should not be placed where the rising or setting sun can cause a flicker to residential properties.

Any wind turbine placed on Drummau mountion would cause a sun flicker effect as the sun sets in the west.   The effect would be more serious at certain times of the year when the sun is low in the sky.   The flicker would affect hundreds of homes in Neath.

This fact should be a major objection to the NPT planning appliation numbered P2015/0187.

It is such a serious matter that the MP for Neath should raise the matter in the House of Commons and with the relevant environmental minister.

A letter of objection, which does not mention the sun flicker problem, is being sent to the council's Planning Department by concerned residents.
  This is shown below:-

+ Sun Flicker

The effect of the rising or setting sun (not mentioned in above letter) should also be considered when wind turbines are situated within sight of residential properties.  Below is a YOUTUBE video that shows the effect.

And more problems could follow:

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