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05 May 2015
Is your vote personal or owned by the country?

Exracted from the Website of Landra Whitehouse........."I had to put pen to paper after looking at the readers letters, particularly T. Griffiths who attempts to communicate with a Candidate at the election on Thursday."

It seems to many of us that this election has been run by the media. Having seen first hand how the tv operates when an invited audience partakes I have no faith whatever in what is shown as being fair and impartial.

It seems this election has not been one of presenting onesel arial,helvetica,sans-sef for consideration, either in person or through leafletting. It has pretended to be through debate, presented for the viewer by the media companies, who are not themselves impartial. You see when I am presented with a televised version of the candidates, I cannot question them face to face, I cannot even get a reply from them when I shout at the tv. The election has been made a one way street while pretending to us that we are a part of the debate. I have been bombarded with threats that should I vote one way I am helping the other side. Should I vote another way it is a wasted vote. This morning on the Matthew Wright  show on tv I was informed that should there not be an outright winner I might have to vote again. Matthew Wright then went on to tell me that should that happen I should be voting for what is best for the country. for the country' when one side tells me one thing and another side another thing and another side another thing? >How can I an ordinary person, holder of one vote, know who is telling me the truth or which way is the 'best for the country'. I believe my vote is personal, my vote should be a secret ballot; only I should know what I vote and the people who put themselves forward for election take my decision along with all the other personal votes cast and make the best of what they have been granted. That is democracy.

I do not wish to be threatened, I do not wish to be told what is best for the country by six different people giving me six different versions. I want to make up my own mind. Something alien to those in power. To them I am a small screw in a big wheel who can be manipulated to do what they want me to; except for this troublesome word 'democracy'.

Well in less than two days time I shall exercise my democratic right and cast my vote and I will think for myself and not be afraid for the country. It appears you see, that those preaching to me to do the right thing, mean the right thing for them not for me. Now that is not giving me my democratic right. Is it?

Landra Whitehouse

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