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01 September 2014
Masked ball? No its a Burka party! +

An innovative idea for Burkas  +

We wonder if one of our readers is serious about what he suggests?  We have all heard about masked balls that were so popular in times gone by - now a readers suggests having burka parties - or dances.

Well, its different and it could be fun - read the letter on our Letters Page   What do our readers think?

Burkas are banned in France but not in the UK.

+ We are grateful for the follow-up 'lecture' on burkas given by an informed reader on our Letters Page.  There is obviously more to burkas than meets the eye (excuse the pun!).

There is even more information on Google, see the example below:-

Remember that they often say in the House of Commons what sounds like: 'the eyes have it' !!!


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