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26 August 2014
Just Blogs

Observant readers will have noticed a new item on our menu - JUST BLOGS.

Blogs are becoming more and more popular as the Internet develops.  They are the means of individuals expressing themselves independently of the media - often presenting an opposing view.

The aim of the new website is to put many interesting blogs under one umbrella with easy access from our menu.  Famous names are included as well as up and coming bloggers who will now get nationwide recognition.

More blogs will be added as they are discovered.

It is yet another step forward in expanding communication on the Internet.

Students and immigration - from the John Redwood blog:-

..... "there had been great growth in student numbers coming to the UK under Labour. Many of these came to institutions other than universities, including a large number of bogus colleges which gave cover to young people to enter the country and then to find work without the correct permits." 

If this statement is correct it should be looked into and the facts published.

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