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28 June 2014
Are we really a Christian Country?

Are we really a Christian Country?

Are we forgetting our values as we put greed before need?

A reader has written in about poverty and asks what are the Churches doing about it?   Where are their investments?   Another reader alleges that one such investment is Wonga!

It is so easy to go over the top with Christianity - and the same goes for Islam.     We remember what Christ said - that when two or more are gathered together in his name, he will be present.  Having faith and a sense of goodness towards others is regarded as the  foundation of a moral society.

A member of the editoral team remembers taking two Australian Christians to see the magnificent St.Davids Cathedrial (there was a collection box for the maintenance of the building), with the thought that they would be very impressed.   Their comment was that buildings like this do not matter as much as the people who go in them.  As another reader said: "It is the way you live and show example to others that really count.    Our Churches should remember what Christianity is all about and should act accordingly.

If Jesus Christ were alive today do you think he would appove of some of the Churches and their form of worship?   We think not!

The English Baptist Chapel in Briton Ferry has got rid of all its pews and have installed comfortable chairs and arm chairs.   Music is provided by keyboards and drums and there is even a sound mixing desk at the back of the hall.   All this provides an uplifting experience. During the week they provide game facilities for local youngsters.

During our visit it was noted that tins of food were piled up for a food bank.  All this shows the positive side of Christianity and what some of the non-conformist Churches/Chapels are doing.   The keyword is 'EXAMPLE' - maybe more of us should take notice.

Some moral issues hightlighed in the past by Landra Whitehouse (see her name in our menu) should be closely looked at in an attempt to look inwardly at ourselves - everyone will feel all the better for it.

Late Extra  Look at NEWS TIT-BITS (in menu) and perhaps another attempt to occupy St. Pauls in London.


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