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10 June 2014
Extract from Stan's blog

Extract from Stan's blog

"However, in reading the article (waleseye.com) and referring to recent press articles on our MP's announcement I couldn't help but come across a certain David Williamson. He is the Political Editor for the Western Mail. Mr Williamson has published four articles on Hain since his announcement. One on 6 June, two on 9 June, one today. All are very complimentary about our MP - not a word of criticism. You see, political journalists depend on the goodwill of the political classes for their livelihood. Rock the boat - you may be set adrift.

That is why the Neath Ferret is so vital. It provides an opportunity to criticise our politicians, elected representatives, anything we like - an opportunity that is seemingly denied us in the so-called free press. And this voice won't be silenced. Not by criticism from Councillor Lewis with his jibes about Cranks Corner and bigotry, not by any MP, not by anyone."

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