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03 June 2014
All women short lists for Parliament

Why all women short lists?

Readers will note that 'STAR LETTERS' has returned to our menu and highlights a letter about 'all women short lists'.

If the words of Carwyn Jones AM are to be noticed, along with the Labour Party's proposed policy, MP's at Westminster should represent a cross section of the nation.

Whilst this is fine in principle, the reader who wrote in about it asks if it should stop with women?   "Why not have short lists for all Muslims, all Gays and other groups?"

If you follow the arguement through to its logical conclusion, and if immigration continues at the present rate, it is reasonable to assume that by 2026 the majority of MP's will be coloured citizens - and even Muslins.

If Carwyn Jones and the Labour Party want Parliament to be a cross section of the electorate then one must look ahead to the future and consider all the implications in a logical manner.

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