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28 May 2014
That 'M' word +

The word that dare not be spoken

Stan, in Readers' Letters, is right.  Not only the BBC but the media in general is afraid of using that 'M' word.   That goes for the report above from the Mail On Line.   Read Stan's post in Readers' Letters.

You have to admit it - this website DOES go that one mile further.

+  From The Guardian 28.5.14

Often the killers are allowed to walk free because Pakistan's Islamic-tinged legal system includes concepts that give the right of forgiveness to close relations of murder victims.

Tahira Abdullah, a human rights activist, said it was vital the country follow the civil code rather than sharia law.

"This woman was pregnant so it is a double murder and these murderers must be prosecuted under the criminal laws of Pakistan," she said.

"We are now at a crossroads where we have to decide whether we continue going down the Talibanisation route or whether we go down the rule-of-law route."

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