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25 April 2014
Head for heights?

Eye Sore comparision

by John Phillip

My morning browse through newsoggle.com revealed the report on the right which reminded me of the eye sore building development we have here in Neath at Wauncerich - except that the one in Neath is worse as it is on a ridge top site.  It's named (unofficially) as "White's Folly" after the name of Geof White who was the NPT CBC Chief Planning Officer at that time.



The high ridge houses are adjacent to the single story Wauncerich Junior Primary school (affording them no privacy), the single story Tesco Express shopping unit, the single story Owain Glyndwr Community Centre and, lo and behold, a bungalow built in 1994 when planning permission at that time stated it had to be a bungalow because of its ridge top location.

It is not known what went on behind closed doors but you can come to your own conclusion if you look at the website: NEATH EYE SORE

It seems that no lessons were learnt from a former ridge top housing development at Cimla - this shows how stupid planning officers can be, and the councillors who endorsed it - naturally, councillors who do not live in the area.

Note..... Cllr Janice Dudley, councillor for the area, wishes it to be known that she opposed the development and was in favour of bungalows to match the surrounding properties.

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