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02 April 2014
Who are the jokers?


By John Calvin Lewis

Having read Peter Black’s letter with regard to the council apparently intending to change the 240 litre rubbish bins  with 140 litre at a cost of £730,000 beggars believe, again i wondered for a short time whether this was another April 1st joke.

For some time now all we hear from this council is that they need urgently to reduce spending and save money, although of course as far as i am aware there is not one! councillor or our local MP who have volunteered to take a cut in salary or reduce their personnel allowance claims, It is certainly not a matter of “we are all in it together” It’s more of “I’m alright Jack”

I remember well when bins were introduced in the area each household was given two 240 litre bins, one green one for recyclable items and a grey bin for general rubbish, this lasted about a year may be more then the council decided to change the system to the plastic bag system for recycling items which of course meant that the green bins were now redundant, and we were informed that we could either keep the green bins or return them to the council.

Which makes me wonder that if the change from 240 to 140 litre bins is going to cost us £730.000 how much money was wasted by the council when supplying the green bins in the first place, along with that there was a further change to the system when they changed from the blue and green plastic bags to the system they now used i.e. all clear plastic bags, Just how many changes are this council going to make before they run out of money.

The amount of money wasted by this council over the years with incorrect and often foolish decisions is unbelievable and would not be tolerated in a private company as heads would certainly have rolled, but of course this will never happen with this or for that matter any council, because when they make mistakes and waste our money all they do is to increases the local tax to pay for their mistakes. It is about time that whoever comes up with these ideas is made accountable, over the years i could almost write a book on number of times they have got it wrong.

I repeat what i have stated before that we have 64 councillors and there appears to be a number which are  “dead wood “ which need to be removed, instead of attacking and reducing the lower wage personnel, reducing the cleaning staff and times the town is cleaned, closing libraries, toilets etc.

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