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12 February 2014
39 Windsor Road

STaN reveals just part of the story

by John Phillip

On our letters page Stan reveals a planning application for 39 Windsor Road - the Neath office for MP Peter Hain.   It is apparently for a new frontage.  The link to the Neath Labour Party using these premises has yet to be clarified.   Maybe it is a mutual arrangement - or has the Neath Labour Party a benefactor with a deep pocket expense allowance?

We feel sure that Stan will get to the bottom of it - that is the type of person he is.

But how about the property above - 39A?   Who occupies that and what trading is going on there?   In actual fact, we can reveal that the Internet has all the answers - they are in the public domain for all to see.  However it is rather like a jig-saw puzzle and it is case of putting all the pieces together.   When the picture is complete it will be clearer for all to see.

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