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30 January 2014
Fracking concern

Reader concerned about fracking and the NPT earthquake zone

A reader (Letters page) reminds us that there is a known geological fault running through the area and it is designated as a potential earthquake zone because of this fault.  

Shown left is a map that highlights the area of a small earthquake that occured only a few years ago.

UK Earthquake zones

It must also be remembered that the LNG high pressure pipeline runs through the area with a pressure reduction plant at Cilfrew.  Objectors to the pipeline were very much aware of the geological fault as highlighted on the website:


This matter must be taken very seriously in view of the facts presented. Councils should not be tempted by any cash incentive offered by the government on the basis that public safety comes first.

In the opinion of experts, fracking should not be done within the zone marked red in the above map.

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