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18 January 2014
STaN 3 this week


Startling revelations about the MP for Neath

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In his column this week Stan talks about EDM's - not just any old EDM, but  one relating to the mining industry as in the days of Margaret Thatcher and the relevance to the current MP for Neath.

To find out more about EDM's we took a screen shot of a government website:

As mentioned, the above is a screen grab and is not active.  If you want to know more and use the active page then please refer to the following website:-

Stan, in his column, highlights the attitude of several MP's in mining constituencies - including the MP for Neath.   It is factual - Stan lets the facts speak for themselves.   CLICK to view

For further reading on other MP's activities, may we suggest that you look at the following website:-


Bob Blackman is the Conservative MP for Harrow East.  A look at the above mentioned website will show how others feel about their MP - and that the NEATH FERRET is not alone is bringing matters to the attention of the general public.

Are they going that one mile further at Harrow East?  See below an extract from the website:


The foregoing may indicate our balanced approach in these matters and highlight that we against corruption in all its forms - including the misuse of public money.



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