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05 January 2014
A scoop for us?

Reader claims we scooped the SUNDAY TIMES!

"Well, Ferret, a feather in your cap. You scooped today's Sunday Times. They review PHains book today. Ad and Wal turn out to be our MP's parents.
It might be worth reading IMHO but I liked Sian Griffiths comment who did the review. She said its hard to link PHain "the pudgy-faced former cabinet minister who stepped down from politics last year with the tense boy" who is portrayed in the book.
Thought he was still going even though we don't see much of him up here in the valleys."

See Readers' Letters.

Ed Note.   Credit must go our investigative reporter, STAN, who has got his ear to the gound.   You can read more from Stan and his column 'Just STaN' by clicking on our 'Cutting Edge" button in our menu.

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